Pars Beton, as one of the oldest and most equipped concrete factories in the region, has implemented or implemented many large projects. You can see a list of projects done by Pars Beton.

  1. Concreting all of the bridges of second line of the Tehran-Mashhad railway
  2. Concreting water resources of 20/000 square meters of Qarchak
  3. Concreting of the sugar factory of Varamin
  4. Concerning Varamin Flour Factory
  5. Concreting 15 khordad Hospital
  6. Varna Factory Concreting
  7. Concreting Irrigation Plant Varamin
  8. Concreting the majority of the factories established in the industrial city of Chemarshahr
  9. Concreting the majority of regional school renovation projects
  10. Concreting the majority of telecommunications buildings in the region
  11. Concreting the majority of complex buildings of regional offices
  12. The majority of govern and municipal banks
  13. Concreting Qarchak 1000 Units residential
  14. Concreting Shayan Hotel
  15. Concreting Sepinood Hotel
  16. Concreting Gole Narges Complex
  17. Concreting Bakhtiari Hotel
  18. Concreting bridges of Pishva-Sharifabad road
  19. Concrete treatment plant of 25000 cubic meter of sewage of Pishva
  20. Concrete-carving classroom parking in Varamin with an area of 3000 square meters is underway
  21. Shamme shir milk factory 30000 cubic meters
  22. factories under construction in Qarchak Industrial Park
  23. Water and sewage projects of Qarchak, Varamin and Pishva district
  24. Simin Sepahan Road and bridge construction projects
  25. Concreting Varamin 15 khordd bridge
  26. Concreting Bridge of Imam Reza Pishva

And many other big and small projects